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Take advantage of abundant job offers on the internet

Sites dedicated to employment such as  presents millions of jobs published by job title or category in order to facilitate the search for candidates who can search by field, by job title. post or by geographic area.  

Several job boards offer Internet users to place their CV and cover letter free of charge in their databases. For example, the BetterStudy training institute has many job offers in the accounting industry on its site. Open positions of secretary-accountant, bookkeeper and bookkeeper or other titles related to bookkeeping are advertised.

Thanks to the Internet, the candidate has the possibility of responding immediately and online to the various job offers that interest him. It is also possible to find out about the companies that are recruiting, the positions offered and their characteristics in order to have an overview of the labor market and its opportunities.



Being connected to others

The Internet is an ideal interface for establishing contacts and professional relationships. All you need to do is register on high-visibility social networks like LinkedIn to gain notoriety and become known on a larger scale.

Such sites offer the undeniable advantage of being heavily consulted by recruiters who are hyper active on these networks. It is very likely to be contacted or to get in touch with a human resources manager of a company or a recruitment agency, interested in the candidate’s profile.

However, before applying on the net, it is important to have a personal mailbox where the candidate can be contacted by employers. Several courier services offer their services free of charge. This is an opportunity to create a professional email address that is easy to remember by the various contacts.



Better organize with the Internet

The internet has many advantages, including the ability to contact multiple employers and apply for different vacancies at the same time. The main thing is to use common sense in organizing and managing your priorities. It would be wise to create a table with the offers that the candidate is interested in, those to which he has already applied and the answers obtained. Such management makes it possible to facilitate follow-up and to send the appropriate responses to its various contacts.



Reach a large audience

Thanks to the Internet, we easily cross borders and time barriers. The candidate can get in touch with a company on the other side of the globe with just a few clicks.

It must be said that the internet is accessible and operational at all times and in any place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One more to use to apply at the most convenient time for the candidate, even after the close of the offices. He will have time to get organized and prepare his application before presenting it to the company that interests him.


Define your target companies

When starting your job search, it’s important to stay focused and organized instead of going haphazardly throwing job requests left and right in a wasted and scattered effort. You have to target the companies to contact. In order to gain in efficiency and relevance, you need to establish a well-studied and well-determined strategy to land the job of your dreams.



Two contact options

For a candidate, being approached by a company is certainly rewarding. It is recognition for his qualifications and skills. It goes without saying that it is flattering and rewarding especially when it is chosen from among hundreds of people to occupy a position within the structure. That said, such recognition is often linked to high visibility, and it is difficult to break through among the many candidates existing on the job market.

On the other hand, the candidate has the possibility of taking the initiative to approach the companies that interest him and establish a first contact. You have to prepare your candidacy well so that it is convincing and captivating. A well-prepared application will better capture the attention of recruiters.

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Method for targeting companies

The first thing to do is to determine with precision the selection criteria such as the sector of activity, the size of the company (multinational structure, small or medium-sized company, startup, etc.), the geographical area, the prospects of advancement, among others. The companies making up the candidate’s list must therefore meet as many of these criteria as possible to better orient their search.

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It is essential to take a close look at your academic and professional background and its degree of consistency. Likewise, the targeted structures must coincide with his vision and his career plan or offer the possibility of evolving and developing new skills.

It is also important that these companies allow the achievement of the candidate’s goals and aspirations and guarantee his personal and professional development. The clarity of the candidate’s vision and goals makes it possible to sort out which signs or not correspond to his vision.

If the candidate feels that the list of selected companies lacks content, he can always seek help from unions and chambers of commerce and industry. Such organizations have a list of all the companies operating in the different sectors of activity as well as reliable data and statistics which may be useful for the candidate.

As mentioned previously, you must also take the time to consult job boards and specialized recruitment sites in order to browse the job offers that appear there, like the employment page of our institute (in the case of professions related to accounting)

Such an initiative makes it possible to get an idea of ​​the offer but also to see if the companies on its list are recruiting. It is a good indicator of the dynamism and responsiveness of these structures.

Once the list of companies that interest the candidate is well established, it is time to associate each of them with a contact. This step is important because it makes it possible to determine an interlocutor or a person who can provide the candidate with data on the company or receive his application file. It is at such times that the network of contacts and professional relations is useful.

Depending on the data collected, the candidate can update and update his action plan and strategy to integrate one of the selected companies. Sometimes, such an approach makes it possible to redirect the job search towards a structure that the candidate has not thought of or which did not appear as the first choice on his list.



Respond to a published offer or make a spontaneous application

Is it better to submit an unsolicited application or respond to a published ad? This is sometimes a dilemma for the candidate, but it must be said that each has advantages and meets specific needs even if it is possible to combine the two. Whatever option is chosen, it is in the interest of the candidate to work well on his application while keeping in mind some particular elements specific to each option.



The advantages and limitations of each method

For the response to a published job advertisement, the candidate is certain that there is a vacant position to be filled. He can find out about the position, its requirements and its reporting line. He could find out about the company, its activity, its strategy, its expectations in relation to the profile sought for the position, as well as the mission relating to the position. That said, the limitations of this option must be taken into account.

Indeed, when the number of job offers is limited, each advertisement obtains many proposals for candidates and it becomes difficult to stand out to bring out your file from the lot. For some positions and companies, there may be up to several hundred applications (rather for low or medium qualified positions).

Imagine how the recruiter handles this massive influx of candidate files. The company that recruits, whether through its human resources department or department or through a recruitment agency to which it has subcontracted this task, will quickly be unable to distinguish between the files to retain those to be discarded.

In this extreme case, speed, a CV that is visually very attractive, or even luck comes into play. This is what it is for published job vacancies.

On the other hand, it must be said that many offers are never published and therefore the candidate cannot apply in response to an advertisement. In this case, this method turns out to be ineffective since the person looking for work is rather passive and waits or watches for work opportunities that present themselves to them. And then it should be remembered that this channel is not suitable for all positions, especially in the case of responsible positions such as that of director or manager. It is very rare to see advertisements published relating to such positions.

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What distinguishes the spontaneous application is that it is not compared to other applications, since it is the only one to have been submitted to the company. Competition between candidates is de facto very much reduced, if not totally ruled out. This method therefore obviously offers more chances and more possibilities to lead to an interview, especially when it coincides with a need in the structure following a retirement, maternity leave, a newly created position, etc. . It is particularly effective when no advertisement has been published.



Valuing a response to a job advertisement

For a candidate wishing to apply for a job offer that has been advertised, they should study and analyze it in order to understand the requirements of the position and the recruiter. This is essential because it will allow you to properly write the cover letter by reformulating the needs of the company while highlighting its qualifications and skills in such a way that they coincide with the recruiter’s expectations.

It is better to use the keywords to be included in the presentation of your application, thus emphasizing a good understanding of the offer and the adaptability of the profile.

It is highly recommended to properly structure your proposal by presenting the key elements of the offer and the candidate’s contribution to the company in the event that he is selected. You have to know how to put your qualities forward to distinguish yourself from others if possible with concrete elements and supporting figures.

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Submit a spontaneous application

Submitting an unsolicited application requires good preparation and, above all, an engaging introduction. You have to take the time to choose the person to whom it is addressed. Why not use their contact network to obtain information as we have seen earlier in this article? This process can indeed facilitate networking and lead to a job interview if necessary. Obviously, the reasons for choosing the structure must be explained by making the most of the data gathered about the company, its activity and its strategy to make the link, particularly in terms of the human resources needs it would have.

It is important to capitalize on the acquired knowledge and experience which will be of more interest to the managers of the company, in particular skills relating to the same field of activity and similar markets. Finally, it is recommended to request a meeting as soon as possible to better develop the discussion and highlight the added value brought by the candidate for the structure.



Successful spontaneous application

Unsolicited application is often seen as a risky and insecure attempt to land a job. It must be said that this is the case when the candidate does not prepare his application in a detailed and timely manner. That said, we must not neglect the fact that the spontaneous application presents serious opportunities in the professional field provided it is well prepared and judiciously worked on. Here are some tips and tricks for the success of an unsolicited application.



Speak to a specific contact

As part of the spontaneous application, the motivation letter must be addressed to a named and specific contact. It is recommended that this correspondent be the manager of the department under whose direction the candidate wishes to work or the director of human resources. It is therefore important to find out the name of the contact, the title of his position and of course his department. Vague and non-nominative mailings are to be excluded!



Arouse the interest of the correspondent

For a candidate who seeks to enter into a relationship with a company as part of a spontaneous application, it is in his interest to work on the hook of his cover letter and to sharpen the curiosity and interest of the correspondent. The cover letter must be catchy from the first lines to encourage the contact to continue reading and take an interest in the profile.

It should be borne in mind that the correspondent does not know the candidate and has no idea of ​​the content of the mail and above all he is very busy and has little time. Therefore the mail must be powerful and interesting.

It is better to focus on highlighting a common point or a link such as a publication that appeared on social networks, a common relationship, a meeting or a conference where the two parties have met, etc.



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