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15 50 Best Websites To Find Remote Employment While Getting Busy On Something Else!


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Search for job offers on the Internet

Digital has revolutionized the job market in recent years. It becomes unthinkable to apply or submit an application without going through the internet.

The web gives access to a significant number of work opportunities in addition to the possibility of taking advantage of advice and tips to promote one’s candidacy.

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To gather useful and practical information or to get in touch with professionals, the Internet has become an essential platform. It is an interface where you can find people useful for your professional career, information and practical advice, but especially structures that recruit.

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Here are some good reasons to use the internet in your job search:

Take advantage of abundant job offers on the internet


1. Eures

Eures is a European Job Mobility website that gathers job offers available across Europe. In addition, the portal gathers special information for those who want to work abroad.

View website

2. EuroBrussels

If you want to work in an international organization or institution in the European Union, this  site  is perfect for you. Choose the entity, country or area and start sending your applications now.

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3. is undoubtedly one of the best examples of websites for looking for a job outside Portugal. It is, in fact, one of the most used in the world. One of the largest job sites in the world, with thousands of vacancies in the main countries of Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

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4. CareerBuilder

This, like the previous example, is yet another global giant in terms of international job offers.

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5 & 6. Michael Page / Hays

If you have never heard of it, rethink the way you have been doing your job searches, after all, these portals are two of the best examples of places where you find the best and most varied job offers in the world.

See Michael Page and Hays website

7. Jooble

The Jooble website operates in 65 countries and functions as a job aggregator. The target audience reach is 50 million candidates every month. Incredible, isn’t it?

The portal promises to simplify the job search by displaying thousands of active offers every day. If you are looking for the best job in the world, maybe the opportunity is here.

View Jooble website

8. Neuvoo

This platform is another one where you can find the most diverse job offers in more than 74 countries. Try it!

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9. Careerjet

On this site you can search for jobs by industry, location or even worldwide. In addition, your searches will be saved so that you can access what you are looking for.

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10. Indeed

Indeed, Indeed is currently available in more than 50 countries and in more than 28 languages. It is an online job search engine, completely free and with thousands of offers constantly updated. Indeed a great search 🙂

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11. Seek

The largest job search and job vacancy site in Australia and New Zealand. Lets get lucky!

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Now that you are aware of the 26 best job sites, both nationally and globally, it is important that you keep up with the trends and do not forget some essential aspects during this search:

  • Define your goal and a well-defined strategy before starting your job search;
  • It is extremely important that you always have your CV updated and properly directed to each company. Remember that some aspects may not be of interest to a particular vacancy;
  • Be able to highlight your professional qualities almost immediately. Be prepared for questions that the recruiter may ask at any time;
  • Update your Linkedin profile ;
  • Whenever possible, try to keep up to date in your area through courses, training or workshops;
  • Learning a new foreign language can be crucial for your job search to be successful.


Does it make a difference to have college to get a better job?

For the vast majority of vacancies, yes! And to occupy the best opportunities, always! Having a college makes a big difference when looking for a job.

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But how to choose when faced with so many options? According to the most recent Higher Education Census, Brazil has over two thousand higher education institutions in operation. And that only counting those that are accredited by the Ministry of Education (MEC).

In fact, this is a detail that you should pay close attention to. It is that only colleges authorized by the MEC can issue diplomas with legal validity in the country.

As we know that you will only want to invest your time and money in an institution that gives due return ahead, we have separated some faculties recognized and well evaluated by MEC. There, you can study with the certainty that you will receive a diploma well accepted in the job market. What’s more, they all offer advantages such as scholarships, student financing, agreements and discounts. Check out: [Adding Soon…]


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50 Best Websites To Find Remote Employment While Getting Busy On Something Else!


0. Craiglist

General Job Search |


1. Contena

Freelance Writing |


2. Toptal & Toptal Business

Contract – Development & Design |


3. Virtual Vocations

Telecommute / Work From Home |


4. Working Nomads

Remote Employment |


5. Gumtree

General Job Search |


6. Skip The Drive

Telecommuting & Remote Employment |


7. Virtual Vocations

Telecommute / Work From Home |

8. Lingoda

Teach Language Online |


9. Upwork

Freelance |


10. Fiverr

Freelance |


11. Freelancer

Freelance |


12. The Muse

General Job Search |


13. Guru

Freelance |


14. Remote OK

Remote Employment |


15. We Work remotely

Remote Employment |


16. Idealist

General Job Search |


17. Remote Tech

Remote Employment – Tech |


18. Jobspresso

Remote Employment |


19. Authentic

General Job Search – Design |


20. Virtual Office Temps

Work From Home – Virtual Assistance |


21. Virtual Assistants

Work From Home – Virtual Assistance |


22. Problogger Job Board

Remote Employment & Freelance |


23. Mashable Job Board

General Job Search |


24. Virtual Office Temps

Work From Home – Virtual Assistance |


25. Media Bistro

General Job Search |


26. Blogging Pro Job Board

Freelance & Remote Employment |

27. Problogger Job Board

Remote Employment & Freelance |


28. Blogger Jobs

Freelance & Remote Employment |


29. Paid To Blog Jobs

Freelance |


30. Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance & Remote Employment |


31. Blogger Jobs

Freelance & Remote Employment |


32. CopyPress

Freelance – Writing |


33. LinkedIn

Remote Employment |


34. AngelList

Remote Employment – Start-up |


35. Perfectdwell

Get Construction Workers |


36. Preply

Language |


38. Growth Hackers

Remote Employment – Growth Hacking |


39. Jobbatical

International Employment |


40. Remotive

Remote Employment |


41. Inbound

General Job Search |


42. JobRack

Freelance |


44. ESL Authority

Language – English |


45 Escape The City

Remote Employment |


46 Lingostan

Language – English |


47. Hubstaff Talent

Freelance |


48. TakeLessons

Teaching/Tutoring |


49. Outsourcely

Freelance |


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