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Dental Assistant Salary

dental assistant salary

A dental assistant salary is defined by his profession. A dental assistant is a professional who specializes in dental health but works under the supervision of a dentist. Their main work is with the patients. They aid and company the patients before and after their appointment with the dentist. Many people studying dentistry apply for assistant jobs. This internship aids them for their profession. 

dental assistant salary
dental assistant salary

Dental assistant salary:

A salary always depends upon the amount of workload you can perform in a month. In most places, the salaries of individuals are fix with respect to their positions and the work they perform. Whereas, in the dental profession, the amount of salary is directly proportional to the amount of work an individual working as a dental assistant, is assigned. 


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Dental assistant salaries vary highly with other healthcare personnel. You are expected to be paid accordingly to many other healthcare assistants. However, many clinics have a salary policy of their own. 

Keeping all that info in view let’s consider the dental assistant salaries in the UK and Pakistan: 

The dental assistant salary in the UK is almost £17,781 ($25,168). 

And, the dental assistant salary in Pakistan is up to 54,400 PKR per month. 

Dental Assistants Duties:

A dental assistant performs many dental tasks. They aid the dentist to and through the whole process with each one of their patients. Although a large portion of the dental assistant is to accompany the patient and help the doctor perform the procedure; here are a few of the dental assistant’s duties:

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  • They take information about the patients and their dental histories. 
  • The dental assistant also has to perform x-rays on the patient and develop them. 
  • Helping the dentist in performing surgical dental operations. 
  • A dental assistant performed the method of sterilization for the equipment. 
  • They control the infection by performing necessary patrol. 
  • A dental assistant has to make sure the pulse and BP rate of the patient is at a normal rate. 
  • A dental assistant takes impressions of the patient’s teeth for further examination. 
  • Making sure the patients are comfortable in their seats. 
  • A dental assistant also provides the patients with information about how to maintain dental hygiene. 
  • They can also direct the patient to accurate ways of flossing. 
  • A dental assistant also helps the dentist in oral surgery. 
  • A dental assistant also manages the computer info. 
  • Dental assistants are also responsible for taking care of bills and payments of patients after their appointment. 

Skills Required to become Dental Assistant:

There are some basic skills require for becoming a dental assistant. A good dental assistant/ someone potential for the assisting job, has a complete set of the below-mentioned skills. 

  1. A dental assistant has to be properly organized. As a dental assistant is responsible for a number of activities that occur inside a dentist’s clinic, an unorganized dental assistant will not be fitted in that environment. 
  2. A dental assistant is a multitasker. A person that does not know how to perform multiple tasks and be responsive to the authority in command, cannot serve as a potential dental assistant. 
  3. A dental assistant shall have good control over their manual dexterity. You are not fit for the position of a dental assistant if you cannot control your hands and don’t know which things you have to handle in what way. 
  4. A dental assistant needs to be a quick thinker. You cannot serve as a good assistant if you don’t know what to suggest to the patients instantly after acquiring potential information from them. 
  5. Good interpersonal skills are important. Communication is the key in dentistry for exhibiting less fear in the patients and making them feel as much comfortable as possible. A good assistant is one that can provide a friendly environment. 
  6. You have to be open to criticism. You cannot take the negative impact of criticism as it’s mostly constructive, and it shapes your career.
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Dental hygiene is a step further after taking part as a dental assistant. Being a dental assistant gives you a number of opportunities to gain experience from and the salary policies are amazing. Many dental students take internship as a dental assistant during studies to become better dentists. 


1- What is the career opportunity for a Dental Assistant? 

As a dental assistant, you are allow to work with a professional dentist. You can also work with a group of professionals and get experience. 

2- What is a typical dental work environment? 

About ten percent of dental students take the profession of a dentist. 

3- What other dental jobs can you take? 

You can work as a hygienist or a physician of the dental field. 

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