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Job Interview Tricks: How To Prepare Before Applying?

Job interview

Job interview: how to pass one!


Job interview: getting started begins at the career planning stage. Do you have a vision for the future? Find out why it helps you to get your job.
In a job interview, the one who really prepared for this process stands out .

So, if you want to learn how to pass an interview, without having to participate in several other selection processes, understand the importance of planning based on the vision of the future :


Future vision

First of all, set aside time for this simple activity that will make you win any job interview. Then take a sheet of paper to perform the task.

When we see the future and not just the present, we find motivation, direction and especially meaning. It is like having the map of the mine in your hands and following the route. After all, have you ever taken a bus, aimlessly, not knowing the final destination ?

In the same way, if you want to be approved in a job and take off in your professional career, it is important to see, beyond the starting point. Because it doesn’t matter your level of education and current financial condition, if you know where you want to go, it is the most important. So reflect and answer:

How do you see yourself, within 5 years, in your professional career?

Above all, think about everything you like to do, how easy it is for some tasks and do not create blockages because of the present reality.

When you finish the activity, you will know where you want to go and build a plan . In other words, draw a map of the mine, of your professional career.

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Did you know that the time you lose , thinking of the difficulties to achieve the expected result, it is much greater than the time of execution and achievement ?

That is, while you think about the impossibility or how long it will take, it is the time that you could plan and carry out in practice.

So, I separated a very interesting video, which will talk about exactly that: Emmett’s Law and how to get out of it! I’m sure that will help to make sense , that first proposed activity.



But why can this activity help me get approved of the job interview?

Because knowing where you want to go, you choose the right places and tend to arrive confident in the interview.

When the candidate knows exactly what he wants, he tends to build a lasting bond with the company, is more collaborative, committed, enthusiastic and able to deal with problems with more optimism.

Consequently, the recruiter will find that candidate, a professional partner, who can contribute positively to the company.

Find out what are the types of job interviews and their purpose

There are several types of job interviews, which can be adopted for different purposes. Find out what they are and get ready for any of them!

In order to reduce the nervousness caused by the unforeseen questions adopted by the recruiter, we present the main types of interviews.

In addition to understanding the purpose , you will arrive safer and have the opportunity to focus only on generating arguments that demonstrate why you should be the selected candidate for the company.

Behavioral interview

With the purpose of evaluating the profile, skills and competencies in accordance with the principles of the company, this interview model uses a simple technique, you can even train at home. The script is based on the following order:


In order to better analyze your profile , the recruiter will ask you to present a situation or activity performed in your previous role.


Based on the previous situation, report on your role and how you performed the proposed activity.


At this point, you must reinforce what actions were taken to carry out the activities and the planned steps , before putting it into practice. Likewise, explain clearly the individual contribution you have made to accomplish this task.

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After finishing the activity, it is important to point out what the results of the actions were, based on information that can make it stand out at the time of the interview.

On the other hand, remember that the recruiter can simply ask you to introduce yourself and not ask any questions, as mentioned. Then, train to introduce yourself, following this script that provides complete information for the recruiter.

Group dynamic

In order to analyze how candidates behave as a team, a group interview is adopted. In this way, it is possible to verify which of the candidates meet the expected profile, when they work together with other employees of the company.

Therefore, games are very common during these interviews, as well as activities that require interaction between participants.

Telephone job interview

Finally, the telephone interview is a way of complementing the information contained in the curriculum. So, in some cases, before scheduling the interview, the recruiter seeks more detailed clarification on some aspects reported in the curriculum.

In addition, it is also a way to confirm some basic data that has not been provided, such as salary claim and availability.

In order to make a more punctual decision , whether to invite you to an interview or not, the recruiter can choose this type of interview.

Apply these tips in practice to pass the interview

To be successful in the interview and job, remember what we covered initially . When you know where you want to go, you become more confident in planning and training your presentation. It even makes it easier to prepare your resume and choose the right vacancies .

That is, the probability of being approved in the job interview is much greater, when all the information is connected . That is, your career objective, curriculum, vacancies and your presentation must be logical and meaningful.

The more accurate , the greater the chance of passing . So, the secret is to plan well before creating your resume and choosing vacancies.

Based on this article, you learned how to prepare, what the types and purpose of each interview are, and the secret to securing your spot! Share this article and help more people!


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