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Dental Assistant Jobs

Dental Assistant Jobs

Dental assistant jobs are for the peoples who give patient consideration and care, keep records and files of patients, perform or take X-rays of the patients and manage the timetable. Practically all dental assistants or associates work in the dentist’s office.

This job has a high rate of employment with a handsome salary for the people who become dental assistants. But to get this job, people have to graduate from an accredited program and then pass its final exam. So, There are no formal instructive prerequisites in different states, and dental assistants learn through job training.

So, The middle yearly pay for dental assistants in 2019 was $40,080. The growing populace and continuous exploration connecting oral wellbeing and general wellbeing will continue increments in the interest of preventive dental services.

There are certain jobs or tasks that a dental assistant has to perform. These tasks are listed below.

Job Workplaces

For dental assistants, the average working hours are 35 to 40 hours a week, including weekends and also evening shifts. They work in a clean environment. Some of the common dental assistant jobs are found in these places.

  • Private dental offices
  • Hospitals
  • Public health facilities
  • Insurance companies
  • Dental suppliers
  • Group practices
  • Dental manufacturing companies
  • Armed services
  • Educational institutions
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Where the dental assistants are required in the above-mentioned facilities, they have the following tasks to perform throughout their job life.


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  • Sterilizing the instruments
  • Preparing the treatment rooms for patients
  • Providing patient guidance and nutritional counseling
  • Working as a dental team member
  • Performing laboratory processes
  • Confirming and arranging the appointments
  • Preparing dental insurance claims
  • Removing sutures
  • Selecting and providing tools and instruments to the dentist
  • Placing sedative restorations
  • Exposing, processing, and mounting radiographs
  • Performing intra-oral expanded functions
  • Fabricating the mouth guards
  • Placing and removing the retraction cord
  • Assisting with the administration of anesthesia
  • Collecting record and data of the patient
  • Entering data utilizing computer programs
  • Performing coronal polish
  • Applying fluoride
  • Placing sedative bases in the patient’s tooth which is prepared for a permanent restoration
  • Placing the permanent restorations and removing archwires and ligatures
  • Taking and recording vital signs
  • Placing topical anesthetics
  • Assisting the dentist in the treatment phase
  • Preparing patient’s teeth for bonding

Dental Assistant Job Details

The dental assisting job has several benefits in case you want a career with a strong and pleasant work environment, with a very short training period, and career advancement opportunities. Some of the positive points about dental assistant jobs are.

Job growth

The job growth for dental assistants in the current world is increasing day by day and significantly stronger than the national average.

Short training

Getting training for dental assisting is easier and much shorter instead of getting a four-year college education. The certificate programs for dental assistant only take less than a year, while there are associate degree programs which take two years.

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Good earning potential

According to the BLS in 2017, the median annual wage was $37,630 for dental assistants, which is very good. The payment does increase with time and experience and more number of certificates along with other factors.

Nice work environment

So, This job is related to a dentist’s office, which is a very calm and quiet workplace. You don’t have to worry about a clean environment as the hygiene standards in any dentist’s office are naturally extremely high.

Tough Things in Dental Assisting Jobs

Bodily fluids

So, As a dental assistant, one must have to clean patients’ bodily fluids such as blood, or saliva, and even pus. This is very unpleasant for some people, and it is one of the tough things to do as a dental assistant.

Risk for pain

Dental assistants have to spend hours standing or sitting in uncomfortable positions when they have to take care of their patients. This can cause severe headaches, back pain, neck pain, etc.


So, This was a short discussion on dental assistant jobs. Complete details have been shared in this segment and if there are questions, leave a comment in the box below.


How long can it take to be a dental assistant?

It can take about 9 months up to 2 years at most to become a dental assistant.

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