Radiologic Technologist


Radiologic technologist are the people who utilize demonstrative imaging hardware to assist doctors in getting the proper idea of sicknesses and wounds. They utilize computed tomography, x-ray hardware, mammography, magnetic resonance imaging, or CT scans and MRIs for the patients to get their idea about disease.

Radiological technologists can expertise in several diagnostic imaging technologies. A radiologic technologist who has practical experience in registered tomography is generally called a CT Expert. Some work obligations and duties are regular among them.

They are also called as radiographers, and they use their expertise in utilizing few hardware equipments to get proper results of a patient’s disease to help the doctor in diagnosing it so that they can prescribe a better treatment for the patient. So, Most of these professionals are specialists in x-ray and computed tomography (CT) imaging. Some may decide to spend significant time in imaging procedures like X-ray or either in positron emission tomography (PET).Radiologist

So, To become a radiologic technologist, a person needs academic requirements to study and understand all the things about patients, radiation procedures, protocols, etc.

Academic Requirements

Radiologic technologists have the know-how in examination techniques, equipment protocols, anatomy, patient positioning, radiation safety, basic patient care, and radiation protection. So, These radiologic technologists specialize in different areas of medical imaging, each with their own interest, such as mammography or CT scans.

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So, According to U.S Bureau for Labor Statistics, there are few job responsibilities of a radiologic technologist in its daily routine life.

  • Working with doctors to assess images and decide whether more are required
  • Follow doctors’ requests in regards to the zones of the collection of which images are required.
  • Explain methods to patients.
  • Position patients and gear.
  • Follow methods that prevent any type of unnecessary exposure of radiations to the patients as well as to themselves
  • Maintaining and working imaging gear
  • Preparing patients for imaging methodology
  • Following exact directions about the area requiring imaging to get a quality picture
  • Operating mechanized gear to capture those images
  • Operate and change imaging gear.
  • Keep track of and coordinate the patient records.


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Radiologic Technologist Skills & Competencies

Communication skills:

The person is should to be able to explain the situation to the patients accurately and compassionately what they are about to experience. So, That info is also to be shared with the professionals such as doctors and staff members.

Patience and empathy

They have to deal properly with the patients as they have stress, uncomfortable; and also a little bit frightened, which can cause them to not behave well.

Physical stamina

They have to spend most of the time on their feet on work and help a lot of patients with their exercise or physical assistance.

Mathematical ability

They should properly understand the figures and be able to understand any detail-oriented calculations or anything that is happening related to Math. Their Math should be good.

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Work Schedule

Occupations in this field are generally full-time medical jobs, yet situations can happen at any time. So, The individuals who are liable for dealing with these crises should work once in a while work odd hours, including ends of the week, nights, and at events.

Best Technical Skills for Radiologic Technologist

  1. Mammography
  2. Scheduling
  3. Radiation protection
  4. Patient care
  5. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  6. Patient preparation
  7. X-rays
  8. Quality assurance and control
  9. Life support


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How long it takes to become a radiology technologist?

It takes between one and four years. So, You also have to put in some time job shadowing, which is more of an in-person apprenticeship.

What is the highest salary job in radiology?

Radiation oncologists and also Radiologists earn the highest amount of salaries within this field.

Is radiology tech and ultrasound tech the same?

The ultrasound tech is related to the technology that is use to operate equipment that uses high-frequency sound waves to generate images. So, The Radiologic technologists operate the gear and equipment that uses radiation for creating the medical images.

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