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Medical technologist are the specialists who work in a hospital laboratory, carrying out a variety of research, and are also known as clinical laboratory scientists. Doctors allow a variety of treatment choices for the diagnosis and illness based on laboratory findings. The medical technologist is responsible for providing reliable and accurate data: a medical technician must know if the results are inaccurate and must be reassessed as they will have life and death in their hands.

Medical technicians can do everything, including basic pregnancy checks and antibiotic drugs, and complicated tests for diseases such as diabetes, AIDS and cancer. They run all of these tests by operating multi-million dollar microscopes, sophisticated electronic equipment, computers and precision instruments.

Or, since they have a high level of education in medical technology, they may normally go to medical school or follow other health professions.

Medical Technologist
Medical Technologist

There’s now a lack of skilled staff to fill all medical technicians’ available roles, so those who study medical technology can certainly find a place to begin their careers.

Successful medical technologists have:

  • You have a strong interest and ability in science.
  • Reliability and mature judgment.
  • The ability to withstand stress.
  • Eager to help others.
  • Interest in solving problems.
  • Tireless work ethic.


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In chemistry, medical technicians measure many different proteins and electrolytes in addition to the levels of drugs used to monitor a patient’s treatment. Medical technicians in the department of chemistry inform the doctor a lot. How much sugar is in the blood of the person, how many proteins are in the urine of the patient, or does the patient have a tumor.

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Many chemical tests are performed on automated analyzers. Given the variety of automation technologies available, chemistry may be the largest and fastest-changing field in the laboratory. Methods used in chemistry include electrophoresis, spectroscopy, turbidimetry, immunoassay, and electrochemistry. Does it sound complicated? That’s a big mouthful, but that’s why medical technicians need to be educated.

Blood Banking:

The medical technicians in the blood bank must be particularly careful and organized. The blood bank will insert the blood and match it with the blood supply unit for transfusion. Blood bank failures can be particularly dangerous and it can be lethal if a medical engineer offers the wrong blood supply.

So, Everyone has multiple blood antibodies that can respond to different blood types. Most are O-type individuals. A, B and AB are also common blood groups. With the exception of the ABO type, everyone has the Rh type. Rh type is important in both blood transfusion and pregnancy. The baby will get sick or die if Rh is negative for the mother. Health professionals play a significant role in avoiding these problems.


Urinalysis is one of the most ancient laboratory diagnostic procedures. Urine is a liquid made from blood waste. An adult kidney can filter 1 liter of blood per minute. Most of them go back into circulation, and they produce 1 liter of urine over the course of an entire day. Urine tests can identify a lot of information about personal health.

So, Medical technicians in urinalysis focus on the physical properties of urine, such as color and clarity. It usually contains a blood count, protein, glucose, and white blood cells. Lastly, a technical investigator is searching for microcellular urine with crystals, bacteria and blood cells not expected.

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Hematology and Coagulation:

Hematology is the study of blood. Medical technicians for blood diseases monitor the blood under a microscope and tell the doctor what type and number of white blood cells is present. So, They also use a cell counter, which is a great tool that can count cells for technicians and even distinguish between different types.

So, The full blood count (CBC) is all checks on a cell counter. Technicians can also measure how much red blood cells are in relation to plasma (the liquid portion of blood). This test is called hematocrit.


So, Here you will find everything about you want to know about medical technologist. Also we have discussed what medical technologists do.


Q1. Does microbiology includes in medical technology?

Yes, microbiology include in biotechnology.

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