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Us Government Jobs

Federal jobs are like if you are an employee of the United States government within the branches of executive, legislative, or judicial then you are considered as the federal employee.

The branch which is there to enforce the law is the executive branch which includes the office of the U.S president. This section includes most federal agencies. The judicial branch includes federal courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States.

This branch is responsible for interpreting the law. Head of the Legislation Bureau and institutions such as the Library of Congress is part of the legislature. If you are considered as a court secretary in the Federal Tax Court, then the judicial department of the government will consider you as a federal employee.

Best Federal Jobs:

So, Here we will look at some of the best federal jobs that pay handsome salaries.

Program manager:

The program manager job is similar to the Project coordinator. They are in the different government departments; they are responsible to check the multiple projects continuously.

Program manager’s projects are planted in United States customs and border protection and the energy department.

They are there to ensure that the federal government can achieve its goals and they are there to make sure it happens.

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the largest employer for plan managers, but the highest-paid project manager works for the Environmental Protection Agency with an annual salary of $ 170,680.

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Astronomy and space scientist:

Derek Betts, director of the Planetarium at the Philadelphia Franklin Institute and Ambassador of the Solar System for NASA, described the lives of government astronomers or space scientists. The same. Do science. Go to bed later. ”

The job of the space scientist is leading the way in space research, and if you want to apply for the post criteria are simple you just have to have a bachelor’s degree. Because it’s worth applying.

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Patent administrator:

So, The Patent Officer is responsible for complex paperwork, processing, and filing patent applications. It also ensures compliance with patent laws and legal research.

Patent administrators typically need a bachelor’s degree and knowledge of engineering or related disciplines to examine technical patent applications

Nurse anesthetist:

A nurse anesthetist, also known as CRNA (short for “Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist”), is a nurse who performs anesthesia.

“Knowing the lab results, the ventilator settings and (and) the EKG interpretation is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Chris Rode, president of the Association of Anesthesiologists of Nebraska

Federal Nurse Anesthesiologists work for the Veterans Health Administration, which paid up to $ 207,000 for the highest CRNA salary in 2017.

Patent attorney:

Patent attorneys are responsible to develop public policies; they contribute their expertise in trade agreements and creating proposals.

So, You need to have a law degree and also need experience working under a patent attorney.

Securities compliance examiner:

Inspectors conduct audits of individuals and companies in the banking, commercial, and investment industries – they also eliminate fraud in the electronics, food, and entertainment industries.

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There is a report of the Federal Bureau of investigation that states that financial fraud can destroy families, companies by clearing their savings.

Because the stakes are so high, the security compliance examiner will get the highest return on financial fraud detection done by the SEC.

General mathematician/statistician:

To apply for this post you need to have a bachelor’s degree at least and to work for the FBI you need to go through training at the prestige training academy located in Virginia.

The US government employs mathematicians and statisticians in various agencies such as the Food Safety Inspection Agency and the FBI.

So, These experts can identify trends and perform census data analysis. FBI-appointed math experts often act as private agents around the world.


So, Here we have talked about some of the best federal jobs that pay the most pay. So if you want to join any of the just check the qualification and apply. Hope this article is of some help. Enjoy!


Q1. Can we apply for these posts after a bachelor’s degree?

Yes, as there is mentioned in the article you can apply for these jobs after the Bachelor’s degree.

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