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If you are just searching for a job that can help you out to pay bits of your extra expenses or just require an additional task to just pass your time and earn extra income then, there are multiple weekend jobs in the USA that you can do just to meet your needs.

Here are the 13 most popular weekend jobs that people usually join and make part-time money in the USA.

1.Ice Cream Scooper

If you love ice cream then this weekend job is just perfect for you! Joining as an ice cream scooper is a great part time job and it is fun as well. It is fun interacting with different people as well and it will definitely provide you some extra cash as well to meet your college or household expenses.

2. Front Desk Receptionist

Many small businesses such as gyms, fitness studios, or beauty/hair salons need receptionists to welcome the customers and guide them with their rates and other useful information. This is an extremely great option if you need a calm and indoor place and the job itself is nice and clean.

3. Retail Associate

Becoming a retail associate is a very fun and rewarding job to do. If you are motivated and confident about what you’re selling then this job is ideal for you. Doing this job is really fun and you get a chance to interact with a lot of customers as well as learn new things about the services and products that you are selling.

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4. Dog Sitter

This one is another great weekend job for you if you just love animals. You can simply post to the groups or make a website page where you can offer such a service or even create a gig that will let know people regarding your passion. Dog sitting is great for those who simply love spending time with their pets.

5. House Sitter

Like Dog Sitter, this one is another cool weekend job that you can join and earn extra money. You get simply paid for just looking out for things and keeping the house and the things safe. This one is an easy and stress-free job as there is no assigned duty except taking overall care of someone’s house.

6. Freelance Writer

This work has flourished extremely well in past few years. It has even turned into a business for some people. If you know how to write then, simply you can create a profile on fiver, Upwork, and many more and start earning cash by simply providing services.

7. Freelance Graphic Designer

Similar to freelance writing, the freelance graphic designer job can also give you a handsome amount of money. The best thing about this job is that your hours are flexible. Simply negotiate on a price and delivery date with the client and that’s it! You are good to go.

8. Wedding Photographer

Becoming a wedding photographer is a great option to earn some cash on a weekend basis. Create your profile and grow your portfolio then simply receive the orders and run your project smoothly.

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9. Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is a great option for those people who are looking for someone special who can give his or her personal time and guide them with the required services. As a personal trainer, you help people to follow their routine to fitness with extra care and a proper diet plan. Just work on your body first and then call the people to provide great quality services.

10. Yoga Instructor

The Yoga instructor is also like a personal trainer. Here you are hired as a yoga instructor and your duty is to perform some of the yoga poses to give maximum muscle rest to the user.

11. Virtual Assistant

Sometimes called as V.A, your job is to provide administrative tasks such as office work, managing files, receiving and delivering orders, and many more right from your home. This job is really fun to do as you don’t need to go to the office but can do it right away from the home.

12. Uber/Lyft Driver

Lyft/Uber are great services, not only for customers but also for people working with Uber or Lyft. You just need a car, and simply activate the app and start earning money by taking the rides and dropping them to their demanded locations. Check out their criteria and join Uber/Lyft and start earning cash.

13. Pizza / Food Delivery Driver

Nowadays, there are plenty of food chains that are looking for delivery guys every day and offer a great package as well. The good thing about this is that you have no pressure and you can join this every weekend to make some extra cash.


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