Job Interview Answer to Most common Questions

Job Interview Answer

Undoubtedly, the most common job interview question is “Tell me about Yourself”. Do you fear this common question as well? No worries! Many of us do. For making it easy for you, we have brought the tips for job interview answer. Along with it, here are the things to avoid as well.


  • Two Minutes or Less:

Firstly, your job interview answer should not exceed the two-minute limit.

  • Quantify as much as possible:

Share your strengths and accomplishments. Whereas, focus more on what you can quantify.

  • Don’t Summarize your resume:

Besides sharing your details, keep in mind that you should not summarize the resume word to word.

  • Speak about your Uniqueness:

In the most common job interview question, you can discuss those qualities that sets you apart.

  • Mention your Past Experiences and Strengths:

Talk about your strengths, past experiences, and struggle. Additionally, align your job abilities to the current role.

  • Highlight Your Personality:

Highlight the key points of yourself. Briefly, talk about your hobbies, community involvement, and intellectual development as well.

  • Connect your skills:

Connect your skills to the job description. Surely, it’s the only question that gives you the room to play with job interview answer.

  • Format and Practice:

Lastly, format and rehearse your answer before facing the interviewer.

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  • Avoid Personal Information:

Don’t mention your personal information. Your marital status, religious or political affiliation, children are your sensitive information. Furthermore, mentioning this information might not be beneficial for you.

  • Don’t Fake yourself:

You should not share anything that you are not. Vague strengths without examples and stories affect your capability and impression.

  • Don’t rush into the company and Role:

Despite showing keen interest in the role, avoid deep conversations about company. Don’t be so desperate to get the job. Only discuss what is going to benefit you.

  • Don’t Memorize:

Lastly, don’t do the mistake of memorizing your answers. Rehearse well, but it should not give the impression of a robotic and unnatural “oral exam”.


If the answer to “tell me about yourself” was haunting you, we hope that it’s sorted now. Follow all the tips and you will surely ace your first question. Not only this, this will pave the way for the success of the whole interview.

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