Answer the Known Interview Question

Known Interview Question

“Tell me about yourself”. Certainly, this little phrase can confuse many. It’s the introductory question yet the most common interview question. You should know how to rightly answer the question. Moreover, your response to this question is going to set the tone of your interview. If you know the art of How to answer known interview question, your interviewer will get the idea, why you are the best candidate.

Here is a full guide on known interview question


This common interview question can give a nervous breakdown to anyone. And surely, the starting point is going to set the bar. So, give a brief and concise walkthrough of your career story. And, you are good to go.

  • Mention Past Experiences and Successes:

Give the job description a good read again. Apart from it, determine your successes and paste experiences that make you suitable for this particular job. Also, don’t forget to tell your experiences that you got while on this journey.

  • Highlight your Accomplishments:

Indeed, a job interview is an art of how good you sell yourself. Hence, you must highlight your accomplishments well.


You can go as: “Past, Present, Future” or “Present, Past, Future”.

  • Focus on Strengths and Abilities:

Undoubtedly, the known interview question holds everything. You can focus on your strengths and abilities. Along with it, you can ensure how good you can be for this company. But, obviously don’t directly say it. Say it in disguise and let them read between the lines.

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  • Highlight your Personality:

Lastly, to conclude the answer to this known interview question, highlight your personality. Definitely, it’s a good idea to briefly share your personality with them. But, keep it brief and concise. And, don’t tell your personal details.


Without a doubt, there is a lot you can do with this known interview question. You can play with it as much as you like. And. Every interviewer asks this question one way or other. Prepare an answer before the interview. Not only this, format and rehearse your answer as well.

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