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The word accounting means an “Accountability of an asset.” In the other meaning, the process is to keep a record of every financial transaction of any concerned business. Every firm requires a person who maintains the record of their expenditures and at the end of the month provides you a complete report of expenses. There are many types of Accounting jobs in the USA available for fresher and experienced persons.

How much do accountants earn in the USA?

Accountant’s salary is based on their experience and education. The more skillful and educated person gets a high salary. For just a rough estimation, a mid-career person in the USA had earned an average salary of approx $78,820 in 2018. A career-oriented person Financial manager had earned $146,830. So, The salary of an accountant person is competitive as compared to the other professions. After getting a Financial degree, you may get many well-reputed accounting jobs in USA.



Let’s discuss some accounting jobs for fresher and mid-career persons.


  1. Chief Financial officers(CFO)
  2. Controller
  3. Finance Manager
  4. Tax Accountant
  5.  Accountant
  6. Staff  Accountant

1.  Chief Financial officers

This job is for experienced persons.

Key Responsibilities:

  • One of the most responsible people of any firm must have leadership qualities.
  • CFO provides the guidance of accountants and finance team members.
  • He/she will be responsible for project planning and implementation.
  • Furnish a strategic recommendation to the CEO or upper management body.
  • Control the workflows and budget according to the company policies.
  • Furnish complete progress report to the upper management.
  • Developing a good relationship with senior management and external partners, stakeholders.
  • Also, monitor the IT, Finance, accounting, and HR departments.
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Expected Salary:


Avg Monthly Salary: 115083  USD

2.  Controller

This job is for experienced persons.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create a financial strategy, i.e., risk minimization plans, and multiple opportunities forecasting.
  • Deep analysis of high-level reports and documents.
  • Keep an eye on budget consolidation.
  • Check the cash flow management of the concerned firm.
  • Reducing costs across the business and improving work efficiencies.
  • Developing a firm’s tax and BAS statements.
  • Establish relationships with stakeholder management.
  • Responsible for payroll processing
  • Make sure the compliance with statutory law and financial regulations.
  • High develop leadership and mentoring skills.
  • Ensuring compliance with statutory law and financial regulations

Expected Salary:


Avg Monthly Salary: 8916.6  USD

3.  Finance Manager

This job is for mid-career or experienced persons.

Key Responsibilities:

  • He/she will provide a daily report regarding work progress.
  • Meets the given target by senior management.
  • Coordinating weekly and monthly reporting, budgeting, and forecasting processes.
  • Look after the cash flow of the concerned firm.
  • Establish good relationships with accountants’ teams.
  • Ensuring the work progress within the timeline and the firm’s business meets all its statutory and compliance obligations.
  • Adopting new market parameters for cost reduction opportunities.
  • Managing internal staff.

Expected Salary:


Avg Monthly Salary: 8750  USD

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4.  Tax Accountant

This job is for fresher or mid-career persons.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create tax statements for a company
  • Keep a record of estimate and track tax returns.
  • Prepare quarterly and annual tax reports of concerned firms.
  • Update the record of the firm either in soft or hard form.
  • Prepare tax strategies according to rules and regulations.
  • Share the report with upper management and the accounts department for record.
  • Research market trends to reduce tax and advise ways to increase profits.
  • Communicate with internal and external auditors
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Expected Salary:


Avg Monthly Salary: 6083  USD

5.  Accountant

This job is for fresher or mid-career persons.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Keep a record of each transaction.
  • Developing accounts and tax returns
  • Monitoring administration payrolls and manage income and expenditure,
  • Furnish report for annual audit including budgets, business plans, commentaries, and financial statements
  • Inspect business plans.
  • Keep an eye on financial forecasting and risk analysis.
  • Furnishing tax planning services according to the law.
  • Clear the queries of clients and internal department members.
  • Achieve the goals and follow deadlines.

Expected Salary:


Avg Monthly Salary: 5166.66  USD

6.  Staff Accountant

This job is for freshers.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Update the record of each and transaction
  • Maintain the accounting files.
  • Create a firm’s expense report and analyzing budget
  • Study tax policies and manage tax payments and returns
  • Conduct meetings with clients and resolve their confidential issues.
  • Furnished reports for month-end and year-end closures.
  • Categorize records in the general ledger (e.g., by assets, liabilities, and expenses)
  • Reconcile all the bank statements

Avg Monthly Salary 4916 USD

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