Apps to learn Spanish at home and for free

apps para aprender espanhol

Did you know that learn Spanish can make all the difference to your career? The language is one of the most used in international companies, especially in our neighboring countries like Chile, Uruguay and Argentina, for example.

For this reason, most multinationals or companies that have LATAM services (referring to Latin America) require or, at least, consider knowledge of the language as a differential in the curriculum.

The good news is that you don’t have to leave the house or invest money in that learning. With the help of some apps you can start studying the language or improve your level of knowledge for free.

How to learn Spanish online with free apps

There are several types of applications that help you to evolve your knowledge in other languages. We made a list of free apps that help you learn Spanish online. Check it out and get started today:


THE Busuu promises that you will learn Spanish by studying ten minutes a day. It offers short lessons, which you can complete even over coffee, without major complications.

An interesting point of the app is to allow interaction with native speakers. Another positive point is the possibility to download your lessons and learn with Offline Mode.


THE Duolingo he is a good friend of anyone who wants to learn languages, including Spanish. To use the application, you must complete a small registration or use your own Google or Facebook login.

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You also need to choose the language – Spanish, in this case – and define your daily learning goal, that is, how long you want to study per day. From there, the app will offer lessons according to your level of knowledge. If you have already studied the language, you can use the option to skip some chapters by doing a type of “test” to show that you already have certain vocabularies.

Among the interesting features is that of speech recognition, which allows what you say in certain lessons to be interpreted and corrected by the app.

The app can be used by your computer’s browser or by applications on your phone or tablet – and you can switch between them without losing your evolution, as long as you are logged in on the devices.


Unlike most, the Beelinguapp helps the user to learn the language by reading and listening to stories in different languages.

The idea is that you read the text and listen to the audio in the language you are learning and read the same text in your language to use as a reference.

This application offers free and also paid audiobooks. Available for Android and iOS phones.


THE Tandem is the most interactive on this list of apps because, with it, each person can teach their language to others who want to learn.

The idea is that students and natives talk to each other and improve their knowledge in this way. You, for example, a Portuguese native, can learn Spanish from someone in Argentina or Spain, while teaching Portuguese to a German native.

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To use the app you need to download and complete a free subscription. Then, you need to find a native language partner who wants to learn through language, localization, etc. Then, you choose how you want to chat – text, voice message, audio or video call. And just get started.

Spanish Wlingua

THE Spanish Wlingua gives you the option of learning Spanish from Spain or Mexico with 520 lessons with hundreds of grammar and vocabulary exercises.

The app also allows you to practice your reading and listening skills at Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels. Available for iOS and Android.


THE Babbel is an easy and simple to use tool that uses everyday dialogues to teach the language through texts, images and audios in Spanish. It can also be used in the web version and on Android and iPhone devices. The only negative note is that the app’s free features are limited – most of it needs to be paid for by users.

As you can see, options abound. Our tip is that you download the apps that seem most interesting and try a little of each one until you find the best one for you. Good learning!

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