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6 body language rules to pass job interview

interview etiquette

Talking about yourself can be a stressful experience for many people. It is not always easy to “sell yourself” and to appear confident in what you say. Here are some tips that will have an immediate impact on the first impression you make. But also, on your own self-confidence!


The handshake

It must be firm and direct. Reach out to the person, don’t let your arm sit alongside your body at a right angle. Beyond the handshake, the most important thing is eye contact! Look your partner in the eye and smile! Nothing prevents you from saying “Nice to meet you” and repeating their first name to anchor it in your memory: “Nice to meet you, Robert! ”



Sit up straight in your chair. Make sure you don’t slide in your chair or look like you’re rocking. Chairs with wheels are particularly at risk: without realizing it, you might be rocking side to side in your chair while answering questions. Personally, this is my big weakness! To counter this effect, put both of your feet firmly on the ground.

As for your upper body, you should have both arms on the table and your torso slightly leaning forward. In the study of the non-verbal, this position shows an interest in your interlocutors.

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For the moment of an interview, put aside the comfort and instead rely on the professionalism of good posture.



According to popular belief, crossing your arms can be interpreted as a sign of closure. Unfortunately, this belief – which I do not believe at all! – has made its way into the minds of employers. So avoid crossing your arms during the interview if you think about it;)


Eye contact

It is generally recommended to keep a ratio of 2/3 vs 1/3. Two-thirds of the time, you should maintain eye contact with one of your interviewers. The other third of the time, take the opportunity to look elsewhere.

It’s okay to look away from time to time to better think about your answer. At any time, if you think taking a few extra seconds to think about your answer is the right thing to do, I suggest you do it. It’s better to sound thoughtful than to say anything!



Yes, mom was right! Pointing is always rude, even in an interview. Ditto for punches or blows on the table.

When you speak, it is in your best interest to use your hands. It is shown that people who use their hands to explain ideas are rated as more competent! You will notice that the best speakers use them very effectively. You will also notice that they generally use their hands with their palms facing upwards, as this behavior reflects honesty.

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Facial expression

Your facial expression should reflect enthusiasm. If you are not sure, practice in front of your mirror. Depending on your mood for the day, your face may not be as enthusiastic as you expect … It’s not that bad. To compensate, go the extra mile to smile and look interested;)

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We hope that we reminded you of a few tips that you will find useful. Do you have any other tips you would like to share?



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