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Discover the functionality that makes the portal more inclusive for deaf people

To make our portal more accessible to deaf people, and VAGAS Profições now have the ability to translate into Libras. You may not know it, but there are 466 million hearing impaired people in the world. And 80% of them are illiterate or semi-illiterate and depend on Libras to communicate.

This is because deaf people learn to communicate in sign languages ​​- not in the language spoken in the country. For this reason, the vast majority do not understand the languages ​​spoken in their countries well. Consequently, it also does not understand the texts written in Portuguese that are present on almost all sites in Brazil.

In this article you will see:

What is a translator for pounds?

A Libras translator can be a person who “translates” what is said in Portuguese into Libras. On TV, for example, the translator for pounds is usually in the corner of the screen.

On the internet and, more specifically on and the VAGAS app, the translator for Libras is a tool with the support of a virtual assistant, Maya, who automatically translates the texts into sign language.

How to use the VAGAS Libras translator?

To see the translator on the website or in the app, you need to tap the two-hand icon.

This one:

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2020 11 09

You can see the icon there on the right side of the screen in all VAGAS Professions posts and on all pages.

By touching it, you activate the virtual translator and can ask Maya to translate any part of the text. Just click on what you want to translate and the cursor will change to a translator icon.

How VAGAS is increasing user accessibility

With this initiative, VAGAS intends to expand the accessibility of the site to millions of Brazilians who felt “foreigners” reading texts in Portuguese only.

Importance of having a Libras translator

Having a Libras translator is very important to include the deaf community in the digital medium, which unfortunately is still concentrated in written texts and videos without interpreters. It is worth saying that, as the Portuguese language is not the native language of the deaf, even subtitled videos can be incomprehensible to them.

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