Unemployment insurance: everything you need to know to receive

Unemployment insurance it is the Federal Government cash benefit paid, which can be received for a period of three to five months, depending on the time you worked.

How unemployment insurance works during the pandemic

During the pandemic, there are some changes in relation to unemployment insurance and other benefits. As MP 936 allowed companies to cut wages by 25%, 50% and 70%, whoever has reductions between 25% and 50% can receive 25% of the unemployment insurance they would be entitled to if they were fired. When there is a reduction above 50% and below 70%, the person will receive 50% of the unemployment insurance amount. If the reduction is less than 25%, the professional is not entitled to this benefit.

Companies can also reduce wages and work hours by more than 70%, in which case the employee may receive 70% of the unemployment insurance amount.

In addition to this change, there is a Bill 3618/20 that determines that, during the pandemic of the new coronavirus and in the following six months, the dismissed people are entitled to up to seven installments of unemployment insurance. Currently, as we said, unemployment insurance can be paid in three to five monthly installments, depending on how long the worker has been in employment. The bill is pending in the Chamber of Deputies.

How to receive unemployment insurance

In general, if you worked in a company with registration in Work Permit and was dismissed without cause, you can apply for this benefit. It is necessary to be aware of the deadline because the order must be made from 7 to 120 after the discharge date.

You can also apply for the benefit if you are registered in a Work Permit, but you have a suspended employment contract to attend any course or qualification offered by the company you work for. Check out how to do this.

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1. Check if you are entitled to the benefit

To enter the order, you must meet these requirements:

  • Having been dismissed without just cause;
  • Being unemployed when applying for the benefit;
  • Do not have any other income to support you and your family;
  • Do not receive another social security benefit with continued provision, except accident assistance and death pension;
  • Have received salaries: for at least 12 (twelve) months in the last 18 (eighteen) months immediately before the date of dismissal, in the case of the first application for unemployment insurance; Por at least 9 (nine) months of salary in the last 12 (twelve) months immediately prior to the date of dismissal, in the case of a second request; for at least 6 (six) months immediately prior to the date of dismissal, in the event of a third request or more.

2. Gather the documents

To place the order, you will need to collect a lot of documents. All are indispensable for the process to run smoothly. Are they:

  • Identification document (RG or Driver’s License);
  • Work and Social Security Card;
  • Registration number in PIS / PASEP (can be in your Work Card, Citizen Card or FGTS statement, for example);
  • Unemployment Insurance Application / Dismissal Notice printed by the Web Employer on the Mais Emprego Portal;
  • TRCT (Term of Termination of Employment Contract), with code 01 or 03 or 88, duly approved, for contracts exceeding one year of work or Term of Discharge of Termination of Employment Contract (accompanying TRCT) in terminations of employment contract with less than one year of service or Term of
  • Homologation of Employment Contract Termination (accompanying TRCT) in the termination of employment contract with more than one year of service;
  • Documents for withdrawing deposits at the FGTS or supporting statement of deposits;
  • CPF.

3. Enter the order

Since the end of 2019, it is possible to apply for unemployment insurance over the internet, at Portal Emprega Brasil. To make the request you must have a login and password. Those who do not have to inform their personal data that will be checked in the Federal Government databases. You also need to answer a questionnaire with questions about your work and social security life.

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With access to the Portal, you must click on “Request Unemployment Insurance” and inform the number of the application that is in the notice of dismissal.

With that, you should be directed to the step-by-step with eight steps:

  • confirmation of application data;
  • updating the applicant’s information;
  • academic training (academic and professional qualification courses);
  • indication of more relevant professional experiences;
  • professional goals;
  • search for vacancies with your profile, if any;
  • qualification courses;
  • confirmation of the benefit request.

4. Receive the benefit

The deadline for receiving the benefit is 30 days from the date of the request made over the internet.

Payment can be withdrawn in the following ways:

  • in any Lottery Unit, Correspondent Caixa Aqui, at Caixa Self-Service, using the Citizen Card, with a registered password;
  • or at Caixa branches. To do this, you must ALWAYS carry your Work Permit, the Jobseeker’s Claim and an identification document;
  • anyone who has a savings account or a simplified account at Caixa can receive directly into the account.

How much will you receive?

The calculation of the value of the installments you will receive considers the average wages for the 3 months prior to the date of dismissal. The number of installments and the amount are defined by the Ministry of Labor.

Mobile unemployment insurance

In the Cashier App, you can check the payment schedule and installments released and answer questions. To download, click on here.

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