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If you are the one, who is in struggling in the best job search according to pay, benefits, and career opportunities. Here we have brought a list of the best jobs according to the annual ratings and the data that helps finding a job in your field.

They work closely with the designers to make the websites beautiful and appealing. It has a job satisfaction rating of about 3.9 with a median base salary of $105,240. So, if you are a front end engineer, your job search will show your secure career. This path will teach you the necessary languages and technologies to perform the best job search through search engines.

  • Java Developer:

Java developers are responsible for the design and development, along with the management of Java-based applications. Again with a satisfaction rating of about 3.9, with the median base salary of $83,589. Your job search will show you the high demand for Java developers.

  • Data Scientist:

With a bit high satisfaction rating of 4.0 and the median base salary of $107, 801, their need is increasing all over the world. The analytical experts who utilize their skills in both technology and social science to find the trend and manage data are the future of the next 10 years.

  • Product Manager:

Product managers, are the much-needed people as they guide you to the success of the product and leading off the cross-functional team. Also, they have a job satisfaction rating of 3.8 and a median base salary of $117, 713.

  • DevOps Engineer:

The 3.9 job satisfaction rating makes it the best career to choose nowadays. Also, they earn pretty well with a median base salary of $107,310. While your job search, you will see that many companies are looking for a skilled DevOps Engineer.

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  • Software Engineer:

It has a job satisfaction rating of 3.6 and a median base salary of $105, 563. Software engineers are the near future and sort your career if you are planning to become one.

  • Physical Therapists:

In the field of health care practitioners, physical therapists are earning enough with the median base salary of $71, 483. They help people cure their illnesses with the help of different biomechanical strategies.

  • Speech-language Pathologist:

The speech-language pathologists assess, diagnose, and treat patients with communication and swallowing disorders. They earn pretty well with the median base salary of $71, 867, and a job satisfaction rating of 3.8.

  • Strategy Manager:

Strategy managers review the organizations and determine their weaknesses, operational effectiveness, opportunities, and strengths. They have a job satisfaction rating of 4.0 and they have a median base salary of $133, 067.

  • Business Development Manager:

They play a crucial role in business development and communications. While your job search, their demand is evident. They have a median base salary of $78, 480, and a job satisfaction rating of 4.0.


The world is now accepting different kinds of jobs. As the world is welcoming new fields every day, it has created different and a lot more opportunities for the people and helps finding a job faster. You can look over the above the best jobs to identify your strengths and weaknesses, hence choosing the best career.

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