Team Leader

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Main Function The Team Leader will, through responsible Christian leadership, operate as a senior member of staff within the service to deliver a service that ensures that the needs of the children, young people and their families that we support, are fully met. You will be expected to work to the highest professional standards of those working within the Children’s workforce and adhere to professional codes of practice of SSSC, GTCS and other relevant professional bodies; ensuring that the aims and objectives of CrossReach and those specific to Children & Family Services and the section within which you are based are met. All adults within our services, regardless of specific job remit & role, have a responsibility to promote a Therapeutic Environment and contribute to the Relational Health of children and young people in our services and have an understanding of how their role contributes. The following values and attributes are applicable to all those employed within Children & Family services and not solely to those whose primary role is to support the direct care and education of children and young people. Qualifications Essential Team Leader will be required to be registered with Scottish Social Services Council [SSSC] and have or attain within the registration period the minimum qualification of HNC Social Care and SVQ Level 3 A commitment to undertaking Management training is required. Desirable Desirable qualifications will include Degree level study in Social Work, Education, Psychology. Additional Skills & qualifications of this post include : Knowledge & Understanding of Attachment Theory informed Practice Counselling Skills Dyadic Development Psychotherapy Level 1 or equivalent Full driving licence or commitment to achieving this within agreed timescale Personal 1. Applicants for the post are required to have a Christian Commitment and be able to uphold our Christian Ethos. This requirement is an Occupational Requirment in terms of the Equality Act 2010. In terms of this you are expected to: a. To live out the Christian Faith and reflect Christian love and care in dealings with all staff and stakeholders b. To lead and participate in Religious and Moral Education as required c. To respond sensitively to the spiritual needs of children and young people 2. This post requires you to be a member of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme and undertake the necessary vetting checks. 3. This post requires you to be registered with SSSC and it is your professional responsibility to ensure that you meet the standards & criteria for registration. Skills and Abilities Significant skills in the field of care and/or education: A reflective and person centred approach with the ability to restore & strengthen relationships through relationships Excellent communication skills combined with good planning, reporting and recording skills whilst effectively using current IT systems Commitment to providing learning opportunities for children and young people and a dedication to the best possible outcomes for children and young people In undertaking your role you will be expected to demonstrate, from an asset/strengths based approach the following core principles- 1. Inclusion: Understanding that our role is to ‘include’ those who, for whatever reason, have been ‘excluded’ from the mainstream of our society through a. Including Children, young people and families in decisions that affect their lives b. Listening to Children and Young People and to giving them opportunities to be accepted, understood and to give them a life free of stigma across all communities in Scotland. c. Using positive experiences and strengths to overcome the difficulties and barriers faced by Children and Young People d. Taking an active role to ensure that everyone is included within their immediate and wider community 2. Relational Health: understanding the impact of our relationships and interactions with those around us, including a. The impact that past experiences have on how individuals understand themselves and the world around them b. Understanding that our role is to provide positive experiences which can start to heal past harm and build trust through positive and genuine relationships with children, young people and their families c. Being mindful in all our interactions of language used – both words and tone; body language of stance & facial expression and how this may be perceived by others, based on their past experiences d. Being aware that your own past experiences has had an impact on who you are 3. Advocating: Understanding that our role is to ensure that all needs are met a. Explaining all decisions that affect individuals as well as the implications of these decisions in a way that they are able to understand. b. Being aware of who else and what other agencies can support individuals to have their needs met c. Supporting children, young people and their families to be able to communicate and express their emotions, feelings and needs in a constructive approach The above core attributes takes cognisance of: CrossReach Values CrossReach Children & Families Services Values & Ethos statement Getting It Right For Every Child Curriculum for Excellence Common Core of Skills, Knowledge & Understanding and Values for the ‘Children’s Workforce’ in Scotland