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Outbrain and Taboola merger: US authorities give green light

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After the merger with Outbrain, Taboola boss Adam Singolda is to lead the new company. (Photo: Taboola)

The U.S. authorities have nodded the proposed merger of Outbrain and Taboola. However, the two heavyweights of recommendation marketing still have to convince the British competition guardians.

The U.S. Department of Justice has no objections to the proposed Outbrain-Taboola merger. This emerges from consistent media reports. The two companies had announced in 2019 that they wanted to merge. After receiving the green light from the US authorities for this, the okay of the British competition authorities is still pending.

Britain’s top merger keeper Joel Bamford had at the end of June warnedthat a merger of the two companies could lead to reduced competition, which would ultimately be at the expense of the publishing industry. It is now up to Outbrain and Taboola to dispel the concerns of the British competition authorities.

Outbrain and Taboola: Your success starts where the article ends

Outbrain and Taboola should be known to most web surfers. Both operate advertising spaces, which are usually integrated under articles. There is hardly any effort for publishers. In the past, critics have repeatedly complained that dubious content is also advertised on the platforms. Nevertheless, some of the largest publishers in the world use the offers of the two companies.

Outbrain and Taboola not only share their almost identical product: both companies were founded in Israel’s startup metropolis Tel Aviv and later relocated their headquarters to the advertising capital New York. After the merger, former Taboola boss Adam Singolda is to take the lead. The merged company would have more than 2,000 employees and more than 20,000 customers in over 50 countries around the world.

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