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online job boards

People who search for online jobs must have heard about the online job boards and job search engines, but many of them actually don’t know what is this. Here we will guide you about what they are and why should you use them.

What is a Job Board?

A job board is a website that usually employers use to post their job vacancies and showcase them for the job seekers. They allow the recruiters to use some of the features without charge. They also offer options for free job postings and trials. They are old and have been used by employers for a long time.


Difference Between Job Boards and Job Search Engines:

Job Search engines have a wide variety of job postings as they contain listings from multiple sources. But, targeting an online job board can be a difficult task. If you look for job listings in a big company since a vast range of results could appear. You might need to add parameters such as a location that will help reduce the apparent results.


Benefits of Job Boards:

With a large combination of online job boards with variety in their search tools, you can search for all the latest opportunities that can match your needs. You can research about different job opportunities and you can get familiar with the job trends influencing the market. With tools such as job alerts, you can receive jobs matching your criteria in your inbox.

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Top Job Boards:

To help companies find job candidates, many such online search engines are working to facilitate the availability of deserving candidates in the market. Let’s look at some of the online top job boards widely searched and used:

  • “Google for Jobs” is a feature that increases the scope of Google search by collecting job ads from various job boards and places them in the google search to facilitate users.
  • “CareerBuilder” has about 125 million candidate profiles in its database.
  • “Monster” has more than a million visitors per month making it one of the widely trusted job boards in this circle.
  • Specializing in hourly work, “Snagajob” is a famous US job board with about 90 million job seekers.


Job boards and job search engines are great for landing your dream jobs. But, you must know what are these to refine your searches to great extent. Use them wisely and you are not far from the quick job search.

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