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Google has adjusted the layout of its news search results. It is now tidier, but not only good.

Google has adapted the look of its news search results and is now presenting the headlines to German desktop users in a clear map layout. However, website operators are less likely to be happy with the new look of the news.

New Google News layout on mobile devices has been in use for a long time

The new layout has been used on mobile devices for a long time – now Google has adapted the look on desktop systems. The new layout clearly separates search results from one another and is therefore clearer. The publisher logo in the upper left corner and the time can be seen immediately who published the news and when. To ensure this overview, Google now only shows one result per website / publisher. Website operators are therefore less likely to enjoy the new style. Fewer search results per website result in fewer clicks and ultimately less traffic. However, by adding the preferred medium, the search can be narrowed down further (for example “Elon Musk t3n”), which Otto normal consumers will probably rarely do.

The new layout of Google News is tidier, but also shows fewer results (Photo: Patrick Büttgen / screenshot).

The new layout of Google News is tidier. (Photo: Patrick Büttgen / screenshot)

Launch one year after announcement

Google announced the layout changes for its news search results via Twitter a year ago.

In February 2020, the step-by-step introduction for domain-related inquiries took place.

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