Electrion has signed an agreement to build the first wireless electric road in Germany

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The Israeli company that develops an electric road that loads the vehicles traveling on it, estimates that it will begin construction of the project in the leading country in the fight against climate change as early as 2020.

The Israeli company Electrion reported the signing of an agreement with EnBW, one of the largest energy companies in Germany which is also a leader in the field of charging electric vehicles, for the construction of an electric road in Germany to operate an electric bus that will transport the company’s employees. In such an application, this is the third project of its kind for the construction of electric roads for charging shuttles for transporting passengers in addition to projects in Sweden and Israel. The initial installation is expected to be completed by the end of the year, an advance of several months before the date agreed by the companies in the memorandum of understanding signed earlier this year, in light of a growing positive trend in investments in energy and green infrastructure.


As you may recall, Electrion reported the signing of a memorandum of understanding between it and the German energy company EnBW for the implementation of 3 projects of dynamic wireless charging technology that the company is developing. The current agreement includes the implementation of the first two projects mentioned in the Memorandum of Understanding – a wireless electric road within the ENBW complex which will be used to test the technology and present it to senior figures in the local industry and a wireless electric road on a public road to deal with regulation and technology Decisions in the public and private sectors and potential partners and promote the start of commercial application in the country

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All sections of the electric road as part of the project will be used to charge an electric bus that will transport workers between the ENBW training center and the local public transport system. In the first phase, ENBW has ordered a static section within the ENBW complex and the bus, and according to Electrion, by the end of the year, it is expected to order two dynamic sections within its complex and on the public road.


Electrion will provide ENBW with a comprehensive solution consisting of technology, design and construction, a bus equipped with suitable shelters and operation and maintenance services. A first battery-based bus will be added to the variety of platforms already in use and examined by the company – a capacitor bus and a heavy truck.

EnBW has expertise in operating electricity networks and charging infrastructure on public roads and is interested in examining future technologies in the field, including the issue of wireless charging. ENBW will be responsible for financing the project and for the supply of electricity and network connections and liaison with the local authorities and will carry out tests and monitoring of the project. The bus will be operated by the local bus company in the city of Karlsruhe – VBK, the road and electricity works will be carried out by companies – Yorbia and Omxum, subsidiaries of the Vinci Group, which also provides its services to Electrion in the project in Sweden. It is also another significant step towards fruitful work with Higer, one of the largest bus manufacturers in China.

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Electrion’s primary target market is Europe, which is concentrating much of its efforts to combat air pollution. Along with Sweden, Germany is a world leader in the fight against climate change and has even allocated $ 60 billion as part of the implementation of the Climate Protection Act. Germany is promoting optimal solutions such as the electric road, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the country. As part of a comprehensive move by Electrion to enter the German market and continue in-depth operations in Europe, a collaboration was established between EnBW and the company.

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