Cover Letter Checklist for Submission

Cover Letter Checklist

While searching for jobs, cover letters are mandatory. You must have written the cover letter. But, how will you ensure that your cover letter is perfect? How will you check whether your cover letter will grab the attention of the hiring manager? No worries! We have your back with this amazing cover letter checklist.

Here are the seven tips to review the cover letter.


Cover Letter Checklist:

Review the cover letter before submitting it. It’s essential so that you ensure there are no loopholes.

  • Verify everyone’s contact information:

Check your contact information. As well as, check the information you put for a potential employer. Triple check all the information. Incorrect information may leave a very bad impression of you.

  • Confirm that you are using the right greeting:

Officially, start your cover letter checklist by checking your tone. Your choice of greeting depends on several factors. If you aren’t sure, opt for a formal “dear”.

If you have opted for writing the name of the employer. Double-check their name’s spelling.

  • Make sure you are sending the right letter:

Many people apply for many jobs simultaneously. So, you probably have several cover letter drafts. So, review the cover letter. And, make sure that you send the correct draft of the correct company.

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For making it easier for you, clearly label and organize each version.

  • Pick your keywords wisely:

Use the best keywords that also optimize your search engines. Align your keywords to your job description. Furthermore, it’s best to use those keywords that companies have used in the job description.

  • Choose the right file format for cover letter checklist:

Use the .doc or PDF formats to save your file. These are easy to ready by the system.

  • Check length requirements:

Check the application form whether it has any specific length limitations, which is the most important cover letter checklist. And if so work accordingly. Generally, cover letters are on one page. They consist of 3 to 4 paragraphs that showcases, why you are the ideal candidate.

  • Proofread the cover letter checklist:

Indeed, the key is in good editing and proofreading. After you have completed all the steps, proofread. Evidently, it’s a crucial thing that helps you undermine your errors.


Reviewing the details of your cover letter showcases your commitment. A commitment to excellence that the hiring manager couldn’t ignore. A good cover letter makes your job search easy. Whereas, this cover letter checklist will make the cover letter easy for you.

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