Common Leadership Styles | Benefits

Common Leadership Styles

Maybe not now, but at some point, you may need leadership skills. 55% of employers ask about your leadership skills in an interview. Moreover, leadership skills tend to be effective in your career. So, you must be familiar with the benefits of common leadership styles.

Also, you should add leadership skills in resume to make it attractive.


This is one of the common leadership styles. This leadership style is positive. Along with it, it grows confidence in a company.

  • Visionary:

Vision is essential for success. And, the visionary leadership style helps companies grow. Furthermore, it improves outdated ideas and technologies.

  • Servant:

This may not seem like a leadership style. But, it helps boost employee loyalty and productivity. Not only this, it welcomes future leaders as well.

  • Autocratic:

Undoubtedly, it’s one of the common leadership styles, autocratic leaders promote productivity through delegation. Also, it helps in reducing employee stress with their ability for quick decisions.

  • Hands-off:

Unlike others, this common leadership style encourages accountability. Apart from this, it also helps in creativity and a relaxed work environment as well.

  • Democratic:

It is also called participative. This one of the common leadership skills in resume increases your chances of success. Moreover, it boosts the morale of the employers. They feel valued and unified.

  • Transformational:

This one of the common leadership styles values the personal connection with the team. Also, it values the ethics of the company. Instead of being overly focused, it boosts retention and morale.

  • Pacesetter:

As the name suggests, it pushes employees to hit goals and objectives. Besides, it brings high energy and dynamic work environments.

  • Transactional:

This particularly facilitates the achievement of goals. The key points are short term goals and a clearly defined structure.

  • Bureaucratic:

 The companies that follow strict rules and regulations require this leadership skill. The leaders work to separate the work from the relationship. This way, you can avoid clouding the team’s ability and ensure efficacy.

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Leadership skills in resume play an important role. So, you should know well about the common leadership styles. Besides, they are a need of the hour in this competitive world. Without a doubt, the best leadership is blending these styles. But, certain leadership skills are for certain workplaces.

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