We have seen uptick trends in people enrolling to study Law. Lawyers are in more demand now than ever. With the population growing and lawyers are flexible to work without much physical interactions, this profession is in high demand. Fact is that more people are choosing to become lawyer compared to doctor, teacher, nurses.

So before you dive in to become a lawyer, lets find out some facts about becoming partner in any law firm.

Here are five tips that will help you become a partner.


Know the criteria.

If you don’t know what is expected, how can you envision achieving the association’s goal? The power belongs to those who know. It is important to know what are the criteria and the path leading to association within your firm. What is expected in terms of level of expertise, client development, hours billed, marketing efforts, managerial qualities, activities with the bar, etc. It is also important to know the specific requirements of your practice. For example, in litigation, how many hearings, trials, depositions, motions and briefs are expected.

If you are in a large practice, this information can be easily obtained. There is probably a document outlining the firm’s expectations from the perspective of an association. However, do not assume that meeting these requirements will necessarily result in an offer of association. Exceeding expectations makes sense, with the understanding that competition with other senior employees or counsels must be taken into account. In smaller firms, the criteria may be more subjective.

However, certain expectations remain, perhaps unspoken, on the part of the associates and these must be met before an offer of association is made.

The best way to identify the firm’s criteria is to ask for them. If you have a mentor associate, ask him or her, if not ask others in your practice group. Interacting with new associates, who have recently gone through the process, could be particularly helpful. Do not neglect partners who have left the firm either.



Write a plan.

It is important to have a plan in place. The shape is not important. It could be a spreadsheet, a Word document, a project management software or an online task management website. The plan should include a list of criteria that you must meet to meet the expectations of the firm or, better yet, those you plan to accomplish, as well as your business plan.

Create a series of metrics spread over time with deadlines to meet each criterion, ensuring that each goal is met at least several months before the possible association is considered. Take a conservative approach, there are always unforeseen events, disputes arise, hearings are postponed, legal articles are not published on time. In short, start early.



Grow your business.

Business is the lifeblood of a law firm. It is important to learn how to develop your turnover in a consistent way and to keep the firm informed of your efforts to generate new files, new clients. It may happen that small niche firms have little or no requirement in terms of business development from a new partner, but this situation is rather rare. Know that your firm wants you to bring in new files. This can represent a large part of the decision to access the status of partner, all the more so in Anglo-Saxon firms. As a partner, you should begin your marketing efforts as soon as possible after you join the firm.

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Develop your political acumen.

Becoming a partner is more than your quality as a lawyer, the number of cases you have defended, your level of expertise, your billable hours, your written articles, etc. It is also a question of human qualities, values, personal relationships and the ability to arouse sympathy. In your partnership plan, it is important to know who decides to become a partner.

Is it the Managing Partner alone who decides, all the partners or is it the responsibility of a specific committee within the firm? Who is on this committee? You need to know everyone involved in the decision making. If one of the decision-makers is in a branch, find a reason to go there and take the opportunity to contact that person. Make sure everyone on the committee knows you and what you do for the firm. Keep in touch as much as possible.



Act like an associate.

People will see in you what you see in yourself. Therefore, it is important to cultivate the mindset of an associate. Think like you if you already were. How would you act? What suggestions for improving practice management do you have? How could we improve the marketing efforts? Does the firm need to develop a new area of ​​practice? What do you suggest to improve employee retention? Be respectful, of course. The more you see yourself as a partner, the more you speak like a partner and the more you act like a partner, the more other lawyers will see you as a future partner.






According to a report on the future of the legal profession, submitted to the Chancellery in February 2017, 30% of them leave the legal profession before ten years of career. There are many reasons for these legal professionals to leave the dress. Most of them mention in particular the lack of remuneration in relation to their personal investment. In addition, they evoke increasingly exacerbated competition with an ever-increasing number of lawyers on the market.

Thus, nearly 3% of lawyers registered with the Paris Bar choose to leave the profession each year. The Paris Bar Association thus estimates the number of annual voluntary departures at 850 lawyers. Without knowing, however, what becomes of them. The lawyer limits himself, in his request for voluntary omission, to indicating reasons of “  personal convenience  ”.

So if you too are about to take the plunge, here are some jobs you might consider doing using your former legal profession as an asset.



Lawyer, become a corporate lawyer, manager or legal director.

The business world is attracting more and more lawyers. As recruiters in the legal professions, consultants are regularly called upon by lawyers wishing to leave the liberal to join the salaried workforce, mainly in business. So, when you are a lawyer, applying for a position as a corporate lawyer, manager or even legal director, depending on your level of experience and your expertise, can lead to a favorable outcome. Indeed, the title of lawyer, although secondary, constitutes an undeniable asset. It is a guarantee of reliability in the minds of recruiters, but also of editorial quality and rigor.

Concerning the candidate, the advantages of salaried employment will also be numerous. Normal office hours, paid vacations and RTT, a thirteenth month and support for the mutual, and not least a correct retirement. Another significant advantage: once you leave your office, make way for your personal and family life. Out  ! The fear of being called at three in the morning. Or that the next day you are criticized for not having seen your message.

Finally, for the more careerists, good legal careers are possible in companies and multiple evolutions. And even though you will rarely be given the highest positions straight away, remember that nearly two-thirds of the legal directors of the CAC 40 have, one day or another, gone through a law firm.

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Target positions: Real estate lawyer, insurance lawyer, banking lawyer, employment law lawyer, company law lawyer, etc.



Lawyer, become Magistrate.

Another choice is for the lawyer wishing to change profession to move to the other side of the court. That is to say to become an official of the Ministry of Justice. The National School of Magistracy is in fact opening a 4th competition for lawyers. To pass the competition, you must have 7 years of experience in the legal profession and be at least 35 years old.

Far from being a cushy function, being a magistrate is nonetheless very fascinating. The big trials are yours. Here, it will no longer be a question of convincing but rather of being convinced.



Lawyer, become a Notary.

Want to hang up the dress to become a notary? This possibility is in fact provided for by article 4 of decree n ° 73-609 of July 5, 1973. It is conditional on a knowledge test and a certain number of years of experience.

Unlike the legal profession, highly coveted by students from their first year of university, the function of notary is one that we always imagine as passed from father to son. It’s not quite so. Thus, once installed, the function of notary can be very profitable and not very risky. Affecting several areas of law (real estate law, family law, etc.), diversity is in the spotlight and human relations are commonplace. More in counseling, the approach to law will prove to be different and just as stimulating. The key is to join the right study in order to build a nest.



Become a legal administrator employee.

Did you think about integrating a study of judicial administrator? This legal professional is a legal representative. He is neither a civil servant nor a state agent, but an independent professional. Recently, a client called on us for a legal administrator employee need; he strongly favored profiles with a CAPA, and if possible experience as an associate in a law firm.

You are a lawyer in insolvency proceedings and restructuring . Know that you have all your chances to please a receiver, knowing that the prospects for this type of position are then interesting by later becoming yourself a receiver.



Become a heritage engineer.

Are you a lawyer and want to join a bank to become an advisor or asset engineer? Luck is on your side because this job is also a legal profession. Indeed, the asset engineer provides advice and all his expertise in legal and tax matters to private bankers. This professional is a lawyer by training, he operates with a tailor-made approach, often on very large assets. You will thus work in collaboration with notaries, financiers, specialists in transmission issues among others. Your mission will therefore be to provide very specific legal assistance to the teams in the field.



Or entrepreneur.

Want a complete professional retraining? And to do absolutely something else? Knowing that with the solid knowledge you have in law, this background will be very useful for you to become your own boss. Because, yes, you have qualities: 1. You know how to work and organize your time alone; 2. You know how to set yourself goals and achieve them; 3. You don’t count your hours; 4. You will be able to assert your rights in the face of clients or service providers who do not fulfill their obligations.

So do not hesitate, when sending your CV, to mention your soft skills and particularities as well as your expertise and experience.




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