The American CIM GROUP is investing a strategic investment of $ 40 million in the Israeli company Acopia

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Ecopia develops robotic solutions for the solar energy industry, designates the investment for geographical expansion and other developments in the field of robotics and automation

The Israeli company Ecopia, which develops robotic solutions in the field of solar energy, today announced a strategic investment of $ 40 million in the company by the American CIM GROUP. CIM GROUP, which develops, owns and operates real estate and infrastructure assets, has invested in assets worth more than $ 60 billion over its 25 years of operation.

Ecopia’s robotic solutions, focused on preventing the accumulation of dirt and dust (“Soiling”) on photovoltaic panels without the use of water and manpower, enable large terrestrial solar energy installations around the world to generate electricity optimally and continuously throughout the year. The company develops solutions that process the information collected by the robots in order to minimize operating and maintenance costs along with maximizing revenue from the facility.

Ecopia has long since installed its solutions in solar fields with a capacity of more than 2,500 megawatts, and has signed deals totaling more than 17,000 megawatts, which are expected to generate revenues of hundreds of millions of dollars for the company. Equipment and technology suppliers for large solar projects, such as Ecopia, are required to meet stringent requirements regarding their financial soundness, since the contract with them is in a long-term model of about 25 years. This investment significantly strengthens Akopia’s position as a world leader in its field as well as its financial strength. The corona plague has caused significant delays in the pace of construction of new solar projects around the world. Despite this, in the last three quarters alone, Ecopia has signed contracts in excess of 10,000 megawatts, showing a steady growth rate of over 200% over the past six years. Among Acopia’s customers – the world’s leading energy companies – including Engie, EDF, Actis, Fortum Brookfield.

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With extensive activity in the field of solar energy and a deep understanding of the market, CIM GROUP has identified in Ecopia a significant vector in the transition of the industry to full automation. “Following on from in-depth market research and due diligence processes, we have found Acopia as a world leader in solar energy robotics,” said Jennifer Gandin, a CIM GROUP partner. “We believe that Akopia will continue to lead the automation revolution thanks to its proven and rich experience and advanced information processing capabilities embedded in its products,” she added.

“The selection of Ecopia, by one of the leading and most sophisticated investment groups in the United States, is an expression of confidence in our technology and vision,” said Jean Samma, CEO of Acopia. He added, “More and more markets around the world are recognizing the benefits of moving to robotic and automated solutions on solar sites. The investment will enable Ecopia to continue to grow in these markets, as well as to continue to promote innovative technological developments related to automation and information processing, thereby addressing the diverse needs of our customers. ”

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